Safari Zimbabwe – Eastern Highlands | Safaris I Can See

The Eastern or ‘East African Highlands’ is a mountain range in the east of Zimbabwe and one of four distinct physiographic divisions on the African continent.

The range forms Zimbabwe’s eastern border with Mozambique and comprises three main mountain groups – Nyanga (to the north) which contains Zimbabwe’s highest mountain Mount Nyangani, Africa’s second-longest waterfall Mutarazi Falls and the Honde Valley which leads into Mozambique; Bvumba Mountains (centrally situated near the city of Mutare); and Chimanimani (to the south). These regions are all sparsely populated, highland country and are covered in rich grassland and forests.

These areas provide beautiful vistas, a whole new variety of birds and the perfect area for walking, mountain biking or horse riding.  The forests and mountain streams are in direct contrast to the rest of the country, with much higher rainfall it produces amazing plant and fungi found only here.  There are lovely golf courses set amoung the mountains to provide a challenge to any avid players.  Fly fishing is also very popular here with the Rainbow Trout being the most popular fish to catch.

As you can imagine the bird species found here are very different with the Blue Swallow, Eastern Saw-wing, Livingston’s Turaco, Silvery Cheeked Hornbill, Palm Nut Vulture and Augur Buzzard being the most exciting.
Accommodation is mainly the B&B or guest lodge type with little treasures hidden away in the beautiful landscape.  But there are a few lovely hotels that offer luxury accommodation in these areas too.