Safari Zimbabwe – Mana Pools National Park | Safaris I Can See

Mana Pools is a wildlife conservation area in northern Zimbabwe constituting a National Park. It is a region of the lower Zambezi River in Zimbabwe where the flood plain turns into a broad expanse of lakes after each rainy season. As the lakes gradually dry up and recede, the region attracts many large animals in search of water, making it one of Africa’s most renowned game-viewing regions.  Mana Pools is truely a stunning location, with the spectacular views out across the Zambezi River towards the Zambian Escarpement.  The Albia forests that provide food and nutrients for so many animals provide a dappled landscape of grazing antelope and majestic elephants.  This is the place where the elephants have learned to stand on their back legs to reach the delicious pods from these trees.

The accommodation in the Park consists of mainly tented lodges or campsites, both of which provide the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in the sounds and smells of the bush.  With the river right on your door step, some of the camps provide 3 or 5 day mobile canoeing safaris, camp and staff meet you at each new designated stop as you paddle your way down the river.

Bird species are plentiful and many a guest has come away with many lifers from visiting this park, the specialities include:

  • African Skimmer
  • Southern Carmin Bee-eater
  • Bohm’s Spinetail
  • Western Banded Snake Eagle