Sample Itineraries

Use the contact form below to let us know what you want to do on your safari, where you want to visit and we can draw up a specific itinerary to suit your requirements.  Or have a look at our sample itineraries below to get a few ideas.


Some ideas to whet your appetite for trips to Zimbabwe …….

Mana Pools National Park

Fly into Mana Pools National Park from Harare or Victoria Falls Airport, you will be met at the bush airstrip and taken to stay in a luxury tented camp with views out over the mighty Zambezi River.  We recommend at least 3 nights in this Park teeming with wild life.  Early morning game drives or walks to catch the animals before they retreat from the mid day heat into the thicker bush, follow some interesting tracks with a Professional Guide, sit in the dappled shade of an acacia tree while the elephants munch on branches not too far away.  Lunch out under the Albia trees, or back in camp as the elephants come down to the river to drink.  An afternoon drive through the bush to see what is stirring or a slow leisurely paddle down the River, listening to the grunting hippos.  Dinner under the stars and then a night cap or two round the campfire, listening to the night sounds.

Hwange National Park

Fly into one of the airstrips in the Park or come in by road transfer from Victoria Falls to see a bit more of the landscape from the ground.  An introduction to your stone under thatch lodge nestled in the acacia trees with views over the huge yellow grasslands.  A walk from camp with your guide down to the Hide by the waterhole to get close up shots of a family of elephants bathing and splashing in the muddy water.  Lunch either back at the camp dining room or a buffet lunch out in the bush somewhere.  An afternoon game drive to follow up on the sound of lions calling to see if they will be found strolling down to a pan for a drink or marching through the tall grass in search of supper.  Sundowners in front of a beautiful view with the sounds of the bush making ready for the coming darkness.  Back to camp for dinner with the lions still calling in the distance.  A cup of strong local coffee round the fire while the guide entertains with stories of animals seen and experiences had.  3 or 4 nights staying in Hwange is a good amount of time to be able to visit the various pans in search of the animals on your bucket list.  It is a huge park with lots to offer the visitor.